Our practice incorporates an integrated and relational approach to holistic therapy that addresses the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels of healing.

We tailor our sessions to meet client’s unique needs and life experiences. At Love &Toads we provide a comfortable and supportive environment that fosters healing.

We believe in our clients’ inner strength and ability to make life changes and support our clients into whom they envision their lives to be.


What We Offer:

  • Reiki
  • Therapeutic and healing massage
  • Spiritual Quest Readings
  • Life Coaching
  • Holistic Primal Health Coaching

We also provide a focus on the human body and it’s natural healing ability by incorporating Reiki as a method of energetic healing. (View Full List of Services)

What Reiki Can Do

Whole Centered Approach
Emotional Balance
Removing Negative Energy


Most Popular Healing Packages


Mind Body & Soul

Mind Body & Soul Healing is a process that transforms your negative or stagnant energy into positive flowing energy.


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Demi Goddess

Demi Goddess Special is for the deep soul and brain balancing for overall physical, emotional, mental and energetic level.


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Goddess Package

The Goddess package is a full body, mind, soul balancing developing awareness of the emotional, mental, physical, energetic, spiritual self.


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We look forward to creating a therapeutic space of healing so that you can gain a larger perspective of the unfolding events in your life by deepening your awareness of your spirits journey and life purpose.

This process allows for spiritual and emotional development with the hope that this process will bring you back into your natural state of balance and harmony, while enabling you to move closer to your true desires in life.

Through our healing packages you can begin to:

  • Transform interpersonal relationships
  • Heal destructive life patterns
  • Heal physical and mental ailments & toxic imbalances
  • Create more spiritual balance in your work/ life balance
  • Increase awareness of your spiritual journey and spiritual development
  • Gain a larger perspective of your life’s true desires

 Nice Words From Clients

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