Demi Goddess Package

This package incorporates several healing modalities to create balance from your whole being. We will begin by balancing all of the chakras to create balance. Then we will explore any trapped energy through soul energy release and healing.

We will then use brain balance and healing to rid any negative patterns and beliefs from the memories within the brain moving the stuck or frozen information to a more understood and processed area of the brain. Which will allow for a complete balance of the mid, body, spirit.

We will then move into the overall physical body using therapeutic human touch to transform and move energy through the body.

Once balance is restored we will create a vision reading to guide your sprit onto a path of self discovery. Overcoming negative beliefs and patterns and creating a narrative for your spirit to guide you on your path to transformation.


What is offered in this package

  • 1 hour brain balancing session/ intuitive Reiki session
  • 1 hour energetic alignment therapeutic massage healing
  • 1 hour life vision reading.

Cost: $499.00

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