Goddess Package

This package incorporates emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and energetic healing. It is a full transformation of the body, mind, and soul. We will begin with a energy healing and meditation to create a balance to begin this journey. It will allow for you to quiet your mind and speak with your truth and your spirit. Through brain balancing you will create a solid foundation to overcome barriers to your path and understand where your journey will lead you.  We will then enter into a full chakra balance and soul balance that will allow for your spirit to feel love and compassion and begin to energize the areas that are often overcome with emotional pain and conflict.

Through physical touch your body and soul will transform and move any stagnant energy out of your body, creating healthy energy flow.   We will then be guided through a intuitive vision reading which will assist with intuition on your path and create understanding of your plan for your future. This vision reading uses your spirit guides, animal guides, and spirits from above to assist us with knowledge and healing.

The primal coach health reading will allow for you to continue to care for your body, mind, and soul through understanding the complexities of your bodies natural digestion system and assisting you with understanding how nutrition plays a intricate role in your life.

What is offered in this package

  • 1 hour brain and soul balancing session
  • 1 hour Intuitive Reiki session
  • 1 hour energetic alignment therapeutic massage healing
  • 1 hour life vision reading
  • 1 hour Holistic Primal Health Coach. 

Cost: $999.00

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