What is a Primal Diet

What is a Primal Diet

What is Primal Diet?

What is the Primal Diet?  Well, for starters, the “Primal Diet” is not actually a “diet”, but rather a lifestyle.  It can be viewed as more of a holistic (mind, body and spirit) approach to overall health.  While food does play an integral part, it is just a piece of the puzzle. Things such as fitness, sleep, movement, play, community and faith are equally as important.  So, just as with a puzzle, all the pieces must be put together in order to see the whole picture.  The Primal lifestyle implements a customized template that not only identifies each piece of the puzzle, but also provides instructions on how those pieces should fit together.  This is also known as the Primal Blueprint.

As mentioned above, food is only a piece of the overall puzzle.  While this is true, it is a pivotal component of a Primal lifestyle. To truly be successful in incorporating a Primal lifestyle, an individual must reevaluate their relationship with food. The Primal lifestyle urges the addition of nutrient dense enriching foods that help the body thrive, while eliminating the foods that do not serve the body well and create an overwhelm of inflammation.  It is essential to see the beauty in the food that will be added, and understand that this is not a story of what will be taken away but a story about the wonderful benefits you will receive from making improved choices.

I have included a visual below that will give you more information on the layout of the Primal Food Pyramid.  It is important to remember that everybody’s journey is different and that these are guidelines and templates to get started.

Please note: For some people that are facing autoimmune health situations or particular health struggles, it may be necessary to eliminate dairy and eggs.

By Johanna Smith PHC

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